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Chloe Topouzis

Sales Executive & Auctioneer

Chloe's journey in the real estate industry is not merely a career path, but a lifelong passion ignited during her younger years. From early on, she found herself drawn to the dynamic world of real estate, captivated by its intricacies and potential for making dreams a reality. This early fascination has since evolved into a profound commitment, shaping her into the exceptional agent she is today.

What distinguishes Chloe from her peers is her boundless enthusiasm and infectious energy. With every client interaction, she exudes a genuine interest in her work, infusing each transaction with vitality and excitement. Her vibrant personality is not just a professional asset but a defining characteristic that sets her apart in a crowded industry.

She approaches each relationship with a genuine desire to understand their unique aspirations and preferences. By investing the time to truly understand client's expectations, she ensures that every interaction is not just a transaction but a personalised experience. 

Her indepth knowledge of the area she serves is second to none, a testament to her commitment to her craft. Whether it's the latest market trends or hidden gems within the community, Chloe's insights provide her clients with a competitive edge, earning her the distinction of being Mernda's leading female agent. 

Beyond her professional endeavors, Chloe finds balance and fulfillment in her personal pursuits. An avid fitness enthusiast, she thrives on the challenges of the gym, channeling the same determination that fuels her career success. Yet, amidst her busy schedule, she cherishes moments spent with loved ones. 


  • 2023 - Auctioneer of the Year, Novice - Finalist
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